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Quick post; how to configure Ansible playbook to pass command line arguments to variable in the script.


Sometimes it is required to create a playbook with dynamic variables, so its structure stays the same, but values are changing. To do this, Ansible created a special function, called prompt which takes input from the user. Here’s the playbook:

- hosts: localhost

   - name: name

     prompt: RG name?
     private: no

  connection: local
    - name: Create resource group
        name: '{{ name }}'
        location: uksouth
      register: rg
    - debug:
        var: rg

Let’s execute the playbook and test:

[root@centos ansible]# ansible-playbook playbooks/rg.yaml
RG name?: prompt_resource_group
PLAY [localhost] 
 TASK [Gathering Facts] 
 ok: [localhost]
 TASK [Create resource group] **
 changed: [localhost]
 TASK [debug] ****
 ok: [localhost] => {
     "rg": {
         "changed": true,
         "contains_resources": false,
         "failed": false,
         "state": {
             "id": "/subscriptions/6e7488b3-0cbf-45dc-a934-41383eaafc4a/resourceGroups/prompt_resource_group",
             "location": "uksouth",
             "name": "prompt_resource_group",
             "provisioning_state": "Succeeded",
             "tags": null
 localhost                  : ok=3    changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=0    skipped=0    rescued=0    ignored=0

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